Some dude from Philly. I make hustle pop. I slanged weed to pay my college tuition. Finished that shit in 3 years…college is too expensive. Then I worked on Wall Street for a year and quit the day I got my bonus to scrap my way. It’s brutiful. I started Revel Music Group with my best friends and a few legends…they got Grammys and shit. I told my Ma at age 5 that I figured out the meaning of life…she told me I didn’t have enough experience. She’s still right. I think it has something to do with turning everything negative into a positive. My parents divorced when I was a kid. It was messy…but happens a lot these days. My Pops went batshit crazy…but I’ll still rip bongs with him in his shed. He reminds me of Frank from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. My grandfather died the week I was born…he was a mechanic nicknamed “Hogie” (yea, he spelled it wrong on his arm tattoo too). God bless Wawa. My other grandfather was a World War II vet. I have 4 lesbian aunts who get more pussy than you. Who gives a shit who marries who? I’m married to the art…and the game...depends on the day. I just like making thangs. I nearly drowned in a storm off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Saw life different ever since. We only got 1 life…bet the fuckin’ farm. I’ve succeeded a buncha times. I’ve failed a buncha times. I’d like to think that I inspire people to follow their dreams and not take themselves so seriously… but that sounds kinda serious. I direct my own music videos. I won the election for Vice President of my high school class with a 7 second speech…I promised no long speeches. I have a faux political party called “The Pragmatic Party” that promotes using logic, not ideology to solve things together. Our country is too divided. We're all Americans motherfuckers. Congress needs to quit fightin’ and get shit done. I keep it real. I hustle my balls off. I like biz, broads and philosophizin’. I love snuggling and cheesesteaks and down to snuggle with cheesesteaks. I mispronounce things often. I spill often.
Life’s f*ckin awesome. Revel Wit Me,